“BO it!” Is a cultural initiative promoted by the associations Il Civico 32 and Carte Diem of Bologna.

The association Il Civico32 has been operating in the Bologna area for over a decade by organizing meetings and debates on current issues with a particular focus on the territory. During the 15 years of activity, conferences and debates, exhibitions (under the current artistic direction of the “Scuola della Carta”), formal and informal moments of comparison with respect to issues related to the development of the City have been held. The association has collaborated in the organization of cinema and cultural events (“MONDOVISIONI” program of documentaries for the international journalism festival Internazionale which takes place every year in Ferrara, “Estate al Pincherle Social Garden”music and culture event at Giardino Pincherle in Bologna, “Dall’Euro All’EUROPA Federale”) more recently engaging in initiatives for the redevelopment of public spaces (Garden experience) Pincherle). The association has always stood out for the openness with which it welcomes proposals made by individuals or groups, who intend to present their work, be it a book an exhibition or a conference. Over the years it has availed itself of the collaboration of other associations and realities, which operate in specific areas, in relation to the issues addressed. All initiatives are documented on the website: www.civico32.org

Carte Diem is a cultural association active in Bologna since 2016. It comes from the experience of “Il Navile Carte d’arte”, a papermaking and art printing workshop, running since 1990, which works in the field of contemporary art, design and art publishing. Scuola della Carta is a project of the association with the aim to promote the creative use of hand made paper through dedicated classes and workshops, and also to organize initiatives and exhibitions on this specific aspect of contemporary art. In the lab there are also training programs and internships for the students of the Academy of Fine Arts of Bologna. It also host a course of the Department of Art Graphics on the creative use of paper mixed with the experimental techniques of graphic art. For several years, it has been designing and producing internationally distributed collections for interior design (https://www.art-plus.it/collezione_prestige/) and museum merchandising lines for the archaeological superintendencies of Rome and Naples. http://www.renatagiannelli.com/



Renata Giannelli: Artist and designer. She trained at the Polytechnic School of Design in Milan with Bruno Munari and later at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna. In the years 1980/90 he covers the role of art director at the Cappelli Publishing Houses and Nicola Milano Editore. In 1991 she founded a laboratory dedicated to manual paper manufacturing, and she started collaborating with Edizioni Grafiche Il Navile, of which she became owner in 2003. She prints graphic works of the major Italian and international artists on craft paper, she realizes collections of museum merchandising and limited editions of artistic prints and engravings. In 2004 she was conferred by the Chamber of Commerce of the Province of Bologna of the Excellence Award. In 2016 he created the association Carte Diem. Her work is documented on the web site: www.renatagiannelli.com

Francesca Rametta: born in Ravenna in 1963, she moved to Bologna in 1982 where she still resides and works. Expert in the management of working groups, she deals with environmental analysis and sustainability at an environmental engineering company, maturing organizational and management skills acquired over the years  thanks to the role of Operations Manager, Quality Manager and Chief Executive Officer held within the company. Since 2010 she has also dedicated herself to the promotion of culture iniciatives in the territory of Bologna through the Associazione Il Civico 32, for which she collaborates in the definition of the activity program and takes care of events organization, as a member of the Guarantee Council.

Chiara Boschiero: Producer of cultural events. Specialized in international co-productions, she is formed at University of Padova, the National Film School of Rome and with the European workshops ECAFIC and EAVE. She has 15 years of experience in film production and cultural events in Europe and Latin America. In 2012 and 2013 she produced the Festival Internacional de Cine de Derechos Humanos of Buenos Aires. In 2014 she moved to Bologna to work for Biografilm Festival – International Celebration of Lives, first as Programming Office Coordinator and since 2016 as Head of Production, position she still covers.

Sara Bernardi: Born in Cagliari in 1991, she lives in Bologna since 2011 where she graduated in Comics and Illustration and in Art Graphics at the Academy of Fine Arts of Bologna. She chose this academic career to develop and combine her passion for illustration and engraving. She works as freelace illustrator and artisan, she creates tailoring and paper works using her own illustrations as decorative pattern, using second-hand supports.

Marco Ottolenghi: born in Ferrara in 1971, he moved to Bologna in 2004 where he still resides and works. Expert in the management of complex projects, deals with territorial development and sustainability environmental and social development at a regional development agency, developing skills in the field of communication and external relations with numerous institutional and private territorial realities. From
2010 he is also dedicated to the promotion of cultural iniciatives in the territory of Bologna through the Associazione Il Civico 32, for which he collaborates with the definition of the activity program and takes care of their promotion as a member of the Board of Directors.

Annalisa Rosati: specialized in marketing, public relations and events coordination, she worked at Biografilm Festival – International Celebration of Lives and for the Institute of the Italian Treccani Encyclopedia. Since 2018 she has been active as a freelancer and works on territorial marketing for cultural projects.


Special thanks to Enrico Benuzzi for the precious help and enthusiasm with which he animated our social networks.